Richard Nauyokas

nooky1Richard ‘Nooky’ Nauyokas, Corporal Nauyokas Bad Lads Army, has become known as a no-nonsense military type disciplinarian.  He has perfected his own unique manner of motivation over the years to great avail.  A former Sergeant Major in the British Army, leaving after 22 years Colour Service he went on to become a TV personality most noted for his starring role in Lads Army.

In addition to this he gained over 25 other TV credits to his name and established his own motivational training company ‘Not All Bad’.  This company has found him and his team working with disengaged/disadvantaged youth, young offenders, school children, adult prisoners male and female, work forces, corporate and sports teams to give that motivation through inspiration that he can provide.

Richard also delivers after dinner speeches and motivational sessions to a wide range of clients.

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